Who will advance you to the next level?
Who will advance you to the next level?

Available Candidates

We're hard a work compiling the background for many great people. Please contact us for your immediate needs.



ADMINISTRATION       _____________________________________________________

Bi – MHA, FACHE, FHFMA with 15 years Service Line development experience in Cardiovascular, Thoracic  and Vascular. Seeking Business Development, VP, COO opportunities in California. Salary $195K.


Bu – RN BSN MBA NEA-BC RN-BC with 15 years Director & CNO experience in hospitals 25-200 beds is interested in CNO/VP positions in northwest WA or ID. Salary negotiable.


Do – RN BSN MSN/MHCA with ER Director background and 7 years senior leadership experience over multiple cost centers including, OR, ER, QA, CV, LTC, Oncology in 450 bed not for profit hospital. Seeking CNO opportunities in the Carolinas. Salary $175K.


Hi – RN BSN MHA with OR clinical background and 6 years progressive management experience in Surgical Services and Cardiac Service line. Currently Director, Clinical Operations over OR, med/surg and Rehab, 150 FTEs. Seeking VP/ACNO opportunities in FL. Salary $150K+.


Jo – RN BSN MSHI DHA with 10 years experience in healthcare informatics,7 years in management. Currently Regional Chief Information Officer in for profit hospital system. Seeking CIO/VP Informatics position that would lead to advancement to VP Operations/COO opportunity. Prefers the Southeast but open to location based on opportunity. Salary $155K.


Ku – Physical Therapist MBA with 20 years Rehab/ortho management experience is seeking Senior leadership opportunity in Rehab or physician practice in the Chicago area. Salary $180K.


La – RN MSN with 20+ years CNO experience, the last 1 ½ years as interim CNO. Seeking permanent CNO position in the Southeast or Texas or interim CNO position anywhere. Salary $150-160K for perm or $160-170 for interim CNO.


Mo – RN MSN with military background, clinical background in critical care and 10 years progressive management experience in critical care and trauma services. Currently CNO in a 180 bed hospital. Seeking CNO opportunities in NC, SC, TN. Salary $150K.


Pe – RN BSN Masters Jurisprudence with ER/Critical Care clinical background and 11 years management experience in critical care and responsibility for multiple cost centers. Was Director, Inpatient Services for Tele, Medical, Observation & Dialysis, 200+ FTEs when her position was downsized. Seeking ACNO, VP, Executive Director opportunities in Chicago area, west coast FL or AZ. Salary 150K+.


Pl – RN BSN MSN (MBA in 2017) with 20+ years Director, ER/Patient Care Services background and 2 years CNO for 250 bed hospital. Looking for CNO/COO opportunities and open to location. Salary $150K+.


St – BA MA in Fiscal Administration with 20+ years experience in Revenue Cycle and IT Project Implementation in business and healthcare markets. Seeking interim Hospital Finance/HER Implementation position anywhere or permanent position in Ohio. Salary $90K.


Wi – RN BA MA with 25 years management experience in Women’s Services, Business Development and as CNO/VP in hospitals 250+ beds. Seeking CNO, Business Development or Service Line Women’s Services positions in FL, GA, NC, SC, VA. Salary $150K+.


ADVANCED PRACTICE      _____________________________________________________

Sc - RN DNP ACNS-BC recently completed FNP program. Has a strong Cardiology and critical care clinical background and 4 years experience as a CNS. Seeking FNP position and open on location based on the opportunity. Salary negotiable.


BEHAVIORAL HEALTH       __ ________________________________________________

Jo - RN MSN PhD with 25+ years management experience in Behavioral Health. Seeking Director, Behavioral Health position in the Southeast. Salary is negotiable.


CASE MANAGEMENT________________________________________________________

Fo – RN MSN CCM with Case Management clinical background and 10 years management experience in acute care and managed care, the last 8 years in interim/consulting positions. Seeking permanent Director, Case Management position in FL or interim Director position anywhere. Salary negotiable.


Li – RN BSN CCM with critical care clinical background and 7 years Case Manager experience in acute care and managed care. Looking for Case Manager opportunities in the Myrtle Beach area or jobs that allow her to work from home. Salary negotiable.


Za - RN BSN MSN MHA with 10 years in Case Management, 5 years as a Director. Seeking Director, Case Management positions in the Carolinas, preferably less than 1 hour from the coast. Current salary $140K but open to salary based on location.


CRITICAL CARE/TELEMETRY          _____________________________________________

Co – RN BSN MSHCPM with ER and critical care clinical background and 12 years management experience, including interim experience as VPN. Looking for a permanent position as VP in a small hospital or Service Line Director position in a larger hospital. Will consider TX, FL, GA, NC, SC, Mid-Atlantic or Northeast. Salary $150K.


Va - RN BSN MBA MS-HSM with 22 years in management in ER/critical care, Education and Cath Lab in the job market for management positions in Critical Care, Education or Cath Lab. Is open to interim or permanent positions. Prefers warmer climates. Salary negotiable.


Mo – RN BSN MSN with Cardiovascular clinical background and 8 years progressive management experience in Telemetry/Cardiac. Interested in Director, Telemetry/Cardiovascular positions in the Houston area. Salary 115K.


EDUCATION                          __ ________________________________________________

We – RN BSN MSN with OB and critical care clinical background, CNS med/surg experience and 10 years teaching experience in BSN program. Currently Director, Professional Practice over Nurse Educators. Seeking Director position in northern GA, northwest SC, western NC. Would consider Education or inpatient management positions. Salary $100K.


EMERGENCY SERVICES       __ ________________________________________________

Ch – RN BSN MBA CEN CCRN with ER clinical background and 4 years Manager/Director experience in ER. Interested in Director, ER position in the San Francisco Bay area. Salary negotiable.


Fa – RN MSN NE-BC with 16 years management experience in ER, including Level I trauma hospital. Currently Director over ER, Medical & Behavioral Health. Seeking ACNO/ER Service Line positions on the East Coast. Salary $150K+


Ly - RN BSN MHA with 13 years progressive management experience in ER, EMS & Ambulatory Services in ERs with up to 75,000 visits/year. Is interested in an interim ER Director position anywhere or a permanent position in VA, MD, DE. Looking for a larger hospital and scope such as Service Line Director over multiple ERs, urgent care, ambulatory care, physician practices. Salary $140K+.


We – ADN RN MBA with ER clinical background and 7 years management experience in ER & Critical Care. Currently VP of OP services including ER, Radiology & Rehab. Seeking Director, ER opportunities in the South from Houston to Florida. Salary $140-150K range.


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT       __ ________________________________________________

Ro – RPA, FMA with 20+ years Director, Facilities Management in industry and healthcare seeking Director, Facilities position in 350-500 bed hospitals in TX, CO, AZ, NC, GA, FL. Salary $150K.


HUMAN RESOURCES      __ _________________________________________________

Fr – BA with 15 years management experience in Human Resources in Physician Practice, Behavioral Health and Acute Care hospitals. Currently Director, HR in a psychiatric facility. Seeking Director, HR opportunities in Acute Care in NC, VA or TX. Salary $100K+.


Ri – BBA Masters in HR Management SPHR with 19 years Human Resource management in Healthcare, including CHRO/VP in large hospital systems, for profit & not for profit and Union. Seeking CHRO/VP Human Resources positions. Open to location. Salary negotiable.


INFORMATICS      __ _______________________________________________________

Sa - BSN MSN with specialization in Nursing Informatics with 5 years’ experience in Informatics. Currently Director of Evidence Based Content/CPOE. Seeking Director, Clinical Informatics positions in TX, CO, OR, NC or SC. Salary 110K+.


Wa – RN BSN MSN MS in informatics doctoral student with 20 years in informatics, 5 years Director level in hospitals 450-550 beds. Seeking CNIO or Director Informatics position in South Carolina. Salary 120K.



Au – Med Tech ASCP MBA with 9 years med tech experience in quality and clinical work in all areas of the lab including the blood bank. Seeking career advancement and is open to relocation. Salary $93K.


MEDICAL STAFF_____________________________________________________________

Si -BS with MS in progress and 10 years Medical Staff management experience. Seeking Director, Medical Staff position in Florida from Orlando down to Miami. Salary $110-125K range.



Pr – RN MSN with Educator background and 3 years Med/Surg management is seeking Director, Education or Director, Med/Surg positions in GA or AZ. Salary $90+.


PRACTICE  MANAGEMENT___________________________________________________

Ta – BS MA FACHE CMPE with 15 years Practice Management experience in practices 20-40 providers, multi-specialty, up to 25 clinics. Seeking Practice Management positions. Prefers NC but will also consider VA, SC, GA, FL, NH, NV, TN, TX, WA. Salary $115K.


Jo – BS MHR with 25+ years Practice Administrator experience in multi-specialty physician practices. Seeking Practice Administrator position in NC. Salary negotiable.


QUALITY  MANAGEMENT___________________________________________________

Bo - RN BS MBA with a paramedic/RN ER clinical background and 10 years management experience in QA/Safety. Was Corporate Director of Quality for a 12 hospital for profit system when his position was eliminated. Interested in Director/AVP Quality positions in northeastern NC or southeastern VA. Salary 140K.


Eu – RN BSN LNC with critical care clinical background, 10 years QA/Risk management experience, 5 years Director, HR and 7 years Nurse Educator experience. Seeking Director QA/Risk, HR or Educator position in Southwest Florida.  Salary negotiable.


He - RN BSN MSN with 9 years in Quality, 6 years progressive management experience. Currently Director, QA over Risk/Safety, Regulatory, QA, Outcomes, Infection control, total of 11 FTEs in a 197 bed not for profit hospital. Seeking Director/AVP Quality positions in NC, SC, FL. Salary $120K.


Ig - RN BSN MSN CPHQ, LHP with 12 years in Quality, 5 years in management. Currently Director QA/Risk/IC for 78 bed hospital. Interested in Director QA positions in Los Angeles or Austin, TX. Salary $110-130K.


St –BA MBA CPHQ (Non- RN) with hospital Administrator background, CQO acute care experience, 9 years QA consulting, last year as interim CQO. Seeking interim Director, QA/CQO opportunity. Open to location and salary.


RADIOLOGY MANAGEMENT _________________________________________________

Le - Rad Tech ARRT BS MHA with 25+ years Radiology Management experience, last 3 years as interim. Seeking interim Radiology Director anywhere or permanent Radiology Director in the Southeast. Salary $100K.


RISK MANAGEMENT _____________________________________________________

Ha – RN BSN Masters Legal Studies with Psych/ER clinical background and 6 years Director, Risk experience in 260 bed hospital is seeking Director, Risk Management position in VA. Salary negotiable.


Ni – BA MBA JD with 20 years VP experience in Compliance/Legal/Risk for large healthcare system. Seeking Compliance/Legal position in OH, IL, WI, IN. Salary negotiable.


Od – RN BSN JD with critical care clinical background and 8+ years Director, Risk Management is seeking Director, Risk Management positions on West Coast of FL. Salary negotiable.


St – BS MPH MHA (non RN) CPHRM with public health background and 3 ½ years Risk Manager experience in a children’s hospital, is seeking Risk Management opportunity in most any location. Seeking salary $160K+.



Mu - RRT BS with 25+ years progressive management experience in Respiratory, Sleep Lab and Pulmonary Rehab. Seeking Respiratory management position in FL. Prefers East Coast. Salary $75K+.


SURGICAL SERVICES_________________________________________________________

Co – RN BSN with 15 years management experience in ASC and inpatient OR, 6 ORs. Seeking Director, Surgical Services position in northwest SC or east TN. Salary 100-110K.


Mo – RN BSN MSN LEAN with OR management background, the last 3 years as interim Director, Perioperative. Seeking next interim Director, Perioperative position in the Midwest, East or Mountain states. Salary minimum of $85/hour.


Mor – RN RN MSN/MHA with OR clinical background and 9 years progressive management in Surgical Services, 7-16 ORs. Interested in interim Director, Surgical Services position anywhere or permanent Director, Surgical Services in western TN. Salary negotiable.


WOMEN’S SERVICES__________________________________________________________

Mo – RN BSN MSN RNC-OB with 30+ years OB management experience including VP Women’s & Children’s. Seeking OB management position in north TX, southern OK or northwest LA to be closer to aging parents. Salary negotiable.


Wa – RN BSN MSN with 16 years management experience in OB and Behavioral Health. Currently Manager of Maternal Child department in CA with 3100 visits/year. Seeking Director, Women’s Services position in TX, AZ or central FL. Salary 119K. 

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