Words that Sell

Start your resume bullets with action words and try to avoid repeating the same words frequently.  When you use descriptive action words, you are less likely to need boring job descriptions.  Your actions inply your job responsibilities. Potential employers are looking for people to "do" important things for them.

...amounting to a total savings of...  Delegate Index Present
...on an ongoing/regular basis...  Delivered...  Influence Preside
...to ensure maximum/optimum...  Demonstrate Initiate Process
Accomplish/Accomplished Design Innovate Produce
Achieve Detail Innovation resulted in...  Proficient/competent at... 
Acquire Determine Inspect Program
Act/Acted/Functioned as Develop Install Serve
Acted as liaison for/between...  Devise Institute Provide
Adapt Direct  Instruct  Provided technical assistance... 
Adept at...  Direct/Indirect control...  Instrumental in...  Publicize
Administer Directed...  Insure Publish
Advertise Distribute Integrate Qualify
Advise Double Interaction with...  Raise
Aid Draft Interpret Recipient of... 
Analyzed/Assessed Edit Interview Recommend
Apply Employ Introduce Reconcile
Approach Encourage Invent Record
Approve Engage Investigate Recruit
Arrange Engineered…  Knowledge of/experienced as...  Represent
Assemble Enlarge Lead Research
Assess Enlist Maintain Resolve
Assign/Assigned to Establish Manage Resulted in... 
Assist/Assisted with Estimate Market Review
Attain Evaluate Mediate Revise
Balance Examine Moderate Sales quota accountability... 
Budget/Budgeted Exchange Modify Scan
Build Execute Monitor Schedule
Calculate Exhibit Motivate Screen
Catalogue Expand Negotiate Select
Chair Expedite Obtain Sell
Clarify Experience involved/included...  Operate Served/Operated as... 
Collaborate Experienced in all facets/phases...  Promote Settle
Communicate Expertise and demonstrated skills...  Promoted to/from...  Solve
Compare Extensive training/involvement...  Propose Speak
Compile Facilitate Order Specialize in... 
Complete Familiar with...  Organize Staff
Composed Forecast Rectify Standardize
Conceive Formulate Redesign Stimulate
Conciliate Found Reduce Successful in/at... 
Conduct Gathered...  Regulate Summarize
Consult Generate  Relate Supervise 
Contract Govern Renew Support 
Contribute Guide Reorganize Survey
Control Handle Organized...  Synthesize
Cooperate Head Originate Systematize
Coordinated...  Hire Oversee Teach
Correct Honored as...  Participate  Train
Counsel Identify Perceive Transmit
Create Implement Perform  Travel
Create Improve Persuade Update
Decide In charge of...  Plan Worked closely with... 
Define Increase Prepare Write


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