Spring Renewal

Whatever is manefesting in my outer world reflects my inner state.



I LOVE this time of year! The blossoms are popping and the mountains are greening with just the bright caps of spring snow on top. Everything is waking up and coming alive. Maybe you like New Year’s resolutions, but I love Spring Renewal. I am ready to take on the new world and make some changes. One of the challenges is to decide and prioritize what to do so I don’t become overwhelmed.


Whatever is manifesting in your outer world reflects your inner state. Seriously, I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. For instance, if my thoughts are disorganized and chaotic, I only have to look at my bedroom floor to see the physical proof of my mental and emotional state. As I order my physical world, my thoughts and emotions usually follow.


When my work is stagnant or uninspired, I look at my desk. When my desk and office are clean, the work and inspiration can flow.


I learned from a friend who was frustrated when everyone around her was being unreliable, missing appointments or late. Since she understands this concept well, she took a quick inventory and asked, “what am I late for or unreliable about?” Then it hit her. She had a VERY overdue library book. She immediately hopped in the car and returned it because she needed to have timely and reliable results. And yes, it made a difference. We attract what we send out.


Look at your thoughts, are you constantly bothered by a particular trait in the people around you? Is your inner voice telling you how irritating it is that nobody is listening, following through, working as a team, etc.? Now look deeper, are you listening, following through or working as a team member? Are you irritated at them or are you irritated with yourself? Your brain may be trying to send you a message.


So take a moment. Take an inventory. Make a change. If you can’t change a big thing, that’s okay. It’s amazing how just keeping one place ordered or committing to one trait change can act like a pebble in the pond. Great things will happen.



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