About Us

ExecMed was founded in 2000 by Christine Lemmon and specializes in Health Care Leadership Recruitment.  Our guiding principle is to always do what’s right even when it’s tough.  As we’ve adhered to that value, great things have happened time and time again!


Employers, you need a recruitment partner who understands and listens, then screens candidates appropriately.  We are more than resume providers, we are solutions providers.  It is so thrilling to work with you to find that awesome person who is as passionate about your vision as you are.


Our Candidates appreciate a personal approach to ensure a great fit for them.  Interviewing, making decisions and starting a new job, however exciting, is still tough.  We are experts at helping you navigate all the nuances of the process. 


60-70% of the process really involves a personality or cultural fit.  That’s why it is so important that we listen to understand. You can trust our experience to make great matches.


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